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If you look up at the top tool bar, go ahead, I’ll wait…………. See the new “Video” tab? Good, I’m glad. This is yet another addition to our site, which, I hope, meets with your approval. I’ll be adding videos when the mood strikes me. Do you know a video that is just begging to be placed here? If so, e-mail me the link and I’ll check it out. Of course, you are always free to post links to videos on your posts as well.
I posted a video today which is 10 minutes long and discusses good group riding techniques. This pairs up with a rather lengthy post that I placed in the “General” forum.
We had a nice ride on 1/09 for our January ROTM. 13 scooters participated. We had 4 folks show up for their very first SIR’s ride. Nancy, Vince, Daphne and BatGirl, I hope you felt welcome, that you had a good time and I hope that you will ride with us again soon.
I have placed a map of the Marana/Avra Valley Loop ride in the “Ride Map” tab and there are some pics in the Ride forum on the bulletin board as well.
For those of you who noticed, I was having a multitude of electrical issues during the ride. First, I had to kick start my scoot, because the starter wouldn’t work. Then, my horn wouldn’t work. Then, as we made the turn onto Sandario, my turn signal quit working. Well, thanks to my Modern Buddy friends, I was led to check out the battery, the thinking being that it needed replacing. When I got to the only problem was that the screws on the battery terminals had worked loose and weren’t making a connection. Whew! I tightened them up and all those problems were solved. The other problem I had is the my rear rack broke at some point.

Unfortunately, it isn’t repairable, I’ll buying a new one soon.

Ride safe my friends, and remember, if you have a scooter problem, ask your other scooting friends about it first, you may get the answer and the fix may not cost you anything,


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