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Sky Island Riders (SIR’s)
Long Rider Award

Here are the inaugural winners of our Long Rider Award (In alphabetical order)

  1. Tracey Adair –     Grand Canyon (solo), San Diego and Mexico (solo)
  2. Thomas Burrick – Crossed the USA on a 50cc Ruckus
  3. Randy Hays –       Saddle Sore 1K, Pie Town Ride
  4. Lou Kelly –           2 of 7 Corners (1000 miles/3days)
  5. John Kiniston –     7 Corners (2000 miles/6 days), Pie Ride, Salton Sea Endurance Race
  6. Craig Liesegang – 7 Corners Plus (Mostly solo)
  7. Lori Powers –       Tucson to Roswell and back (1200 miles/3 days), Route 78 Ride (515 miles)
  8. Howard Rains –    Saddle Sore 1k (IBA certified), Route 78 Ride (515 miles), Tucson to Roswell and Back (1200 miles/3 days), 7 Corners (2000 miles/6 Days) Pie Ride
  9. Stan Scott –         The Real Cannonball, AZ to NY, Salton Sea Endurance Race, Saddle Sore 1k  (IBA   certified motorcycle, 7 Corners + Lake Tahoe Race


A “member”* of the Sky Island Riders is awarded the designation of Long Rider when he/she has exhibited one or more extraordinary feats of riding. That means a ride that most people would be unable, or unwilling, to attempt. This feat may be organized or witnessed by the SIR’s, or it may be submitted by the rider, to the SIR’s for consideration.

What does it take to be a Long Rider? What kind of ride would be considered extraordinary?

  • The qualifying ride can be solo or with a group. Generally speaking, group rides would need to be longer than a solo ride to qualify.
  • The ride can be done in a single day, or it can be a multi-day ride. Multi-day rides would generally need to be longer than most single day rides to qualify.
  • Engine size relative to distance is a consideration. In other words, Miles ridden per CC of displacement is figured in.
  • One day rides should generally be longer than 500 miles, multi-day rides should generally be longer than 1000 miles to be considered “long” rides. Scooter displacement could mitigate this.
  • Distance may not be the only consideration. The destination or particular roads ridden may also count toward the designation of “Long Ride.” In other words, a 300 mile ride which contains 100+ miles of unpaved/off road riding may qualify.
  • In the future, occasional club rides may be labeled as a “long” ride. Riders completing it would, therefor, be awarded the decal.
The Official Decal

The Official Decal

* – A “member” is someone who is an active participant in, at least, occasional club activities.

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