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A frequent question I have both, asked and have been asked is, “Is there a scooter friendly way to get from Tucson to Phoenix?” Because I ride 150cc scooters, this has been an important question for me. I have found, however, that even people who ride interstate capable machines are also looking for a “kindler, gentler” way to travel between the two cities. Today, I posted 3 ride maps of possible routes between Tucson and Phoenix. I will likely post more in the near future. I chose these three routes because each arrives in the Phoenix metro area at a different point.  Where you need to go in the area will help you decide which route will work best for you. There are numerous variations available to you as well. No interstate highway travel AT ALL is required for any of these routes. Let me know what you think.

Don't miss the prison gift shop if you go through Florence. It is well worth the stop.

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2 Responses to “New Ride Maps”

  • karlu73:

    Hi, Howard… Karl Utrecht here…met you at last years Great Southwest rally, I believe. Don’t know for sure about making your rally in May, but am sure going to try. I’ve bought an ’06
    Vespa GT 200 since last year, and really enjoying it. The ride maps you have on your site are really a welcome addition.By the way, on my way back to LC last year, I came down hwy 10 as I told you, and the road work was JUST completed! So,I didn’t have to get off at the Marano exit.
    Take care.Karl Utrecht

  • az.slynch:

    While I’m crazy enough to ride my P200E on the highway, these look like more enjoyable routes. I’ll have to try ’em out here in the near-term future.

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