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I want this site to be a resource for the scootering community at large. Subsequently, one can ask questions on the bulletin board/forums and someone is probably going to be able to help. However, I have added links to other scooter oriented sites in the event that you still seek more information or perhaps your question is specific to your make and model of scooter. Brand specific sites can be very helpful in this regard.

But, what if you just want to learn more about the scooter world, scooterists and their culture? Maybe you want to know a bit of history. Today I added a section to the bulletin board just for you. It’s called “Scooter Links and Media.” (I know, I don’t like the name either. I’ll come up with something snappy later.) Are you looking for a list of books, movies etc that you can use to learn more about this crazy scooter thing? I’m hoping that this can be your guide.

Do you know of some good books or movies that you think should be represented in this? PLEASE, post it. As you can see by the pics I’ve posted, these don’t have to be specifically about scooters. You can even post something that is done BY scooterists. What better way to support our scooter community, than buy purchasing something that one of us made or recorded?


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