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For A Few CC’s More III

4/26 -4/28 2013

Planning is underway for the Sky Island Riders LLC’ 8th rally. We hoping to make this the best rally yet and we are very excited about it. Stay tuned here and on our Facebook page for information as it becomes available. I will be posting the agenda and a current list of sponsors along with any other info the you need to know about the best scooter rally in the desert southwest. Venues are being confirmed and I will post them here as we confirm them. Times and ride maps of the ride ride will be updated as we determine them.

 “At the Door” registration is only $30. What do you get for your registration?

  • Access to all rally events and rides
  • Awesome rally bag
  • Official “For A Few CC’s More III” patch and sticker
  • Our gratitude for supporting the Arizona scooter community
  • For those who didn’t pre-register, there will be rally shirts and additional patches and sticker for sale Friday and Saturday. Supplies will be limited.


The agenda as of 6 April:


  • 3:00 PM – Kick off ride. We will be meeting at Rio Vista Natural Resource Park, Tucson Blvd North of Prince.  Ride out at 3;30 pm.
  • 5:00 -7:00pm Meet & Greet and Rally Registration at Mama’s Hawaiian BBQ. Pick up your rally bags. Boca Taco is next door and we are welcome and expected there as well.
  • 7-ish – Night Ride, under the full moon.
  • Dessert at Frost Gelato. We will enjoy some frozen goodness and admire the city lights.


  • 8:00 – 10:00am – Breakfast at Laverna’s Coffee Shop‘. – Rally bags available if you didn’t get it Friday night.
  • 9:00am til 4:00pm -Poker Run (yes, it’s back. Prizes for high and low hands.)
  • Lunch at Ride Now on 22nd St in the middle of the Poker Run
  • 4:00pm – Raffle, Poker Run Prizes, etc at Scoot Over
  • 6:30pm – Short ride then dinner at the Tucson Food Truck Round-Up
  • Evening Ride to bowling alley
  • Bowling and Fun at Golden Pin Lanes on Miracle Mile between Oracle and I-10.


  • 8:30 – Breakfast at The Good Egg at Speedway and Kolb. We will be sitting on th patio. Please tell the host/hostess, that you are the the scooter club when you get there.
  • 10:00 (approx) – Mt Lemmon Ride (35 miles and 7000 vertical feet from Tucson.)



How Does a Poker Run work?

The 2013 Poker Run

There are a lot of different ways to conduct a poker run. We did it one way last year,but we are going to do it a bit differently this year. We have a number of people who weren’t with us last year and have never done a poker run at all, so allow me to explain how this year’s run will work.

The object of a Poker Run is to create a winning poker hand. You do this by collecting card draws. You get one draw by riding to various, predesignated stops. Once everyone has arrived at our end point, cards are drawn and hands are compared, then winners are declared.

There are 7 different stops selected from all over the city. Depending on your choice of route, total mileage will be about 130 miles and total ride time will be about 4 hours. There will be fuel available at stop #3 and at stop #6. Of course, you will be passing plenty of gas stations, so you can stop any place you like. There will also be lunch provided for you at stop #4.

Another unique thing about poker runs is they are a combination of group and individual rides. The ride out for our Poker Run is from 9:00am til 10:00am. If you want to ride fast and by yourself, eat and take off whenever you want. If you have some friends you enjoy riding with, you can do that too. Once you have all finished breakfast, gather up and ride.

So, how will this work, you might be asking? We will all meet at LaVerna’s Coffee Shop at 8:00am for breakfast. You aren’t required to have breakfast, but you should. It’s good. Starting at 9:00am riders can start the run. We will have a table set up. Anytime between 9:00am and 10:00am, go to the table and get your first card. We will shut down the table at 10:00am.

That card will have the name of your next stop and directions to get there printed on it. (You are not required to use our directions, if you know a different way to get there.) Once you arrive at the next stop, locate the Poker Run person ( They will be easy to find, Don’t worry.) and get your next card. Continue in this manner until you reach the end. You have until 4:00pm to arrive at our final point.

Once you arrive at the final stop, you will exchange the cards you collected at the stops for that many cards from a deck of standard playing cards. You pick the best 5 cards for your poker hand. We will record your hand then we wait until every rider has arrived and has built their hand. At 4:00pm we will start awarding the Poker Run prizes.

Many of the stops are at picturesque or interesting locations. There is time built into the Poker Run for you to stop, take pictures and/or look around a bit if you’d like. As mentioned earlier, total ride time for the run is about 4 hours. If you don’t leave until 10:00am, you have 6 hours to arrive at the end point. For those keeping score, that gives you 2 hours of free time to sight see and eat lunch. Remember, lunch will be provided for you at stop #4.

Remember, you are riding at your own risk. Please obey state and local laws as you ride. Ride safely and have a great time.

Any questions? We will also answer your questions at LaVerna’s.






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  • Norm Carpenter:

    When is the next get together ?

  • Karl Utrecht:

    Hi, Howard

    Could you send me Ken’s full name, please? Ken is the fellow from Chandler Vespa that carried the little dog ” Boo” in his backpack. I have some photographs to send him.

    Thanks much, Howard


  • guy keenan:

    P and I still need to register for the rally and pick up rally bags. Can we do that at Scoot Over? Thanks (for ALL you do),

  • Jim Parkhurst:

    I am looking forward to participating in my first scooter rally. Sounds like lotsa fun.

  • Pre-registration is done, however, just show up at any of the venues this weekend and register. It is $30.

  • motomajick:

    How do I pre register for the rally?

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