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We see several purposes for the Sky Island Riders here in Southern Arizona. Of course, our first purpose is to encourage riders of two-wheeled vehicles to get together and ride. We want to regularly organize rides and scooter events to encourage like-minded people to find each other and then to spend some time together.

Second, we want to encourage safe riding practices. It is our goal to intermittently provide scooter training and practice in a controlled environment. We want to coaches to give feedback. This training could be used as pre-msf training or reinforcement. We believe all riders should be properly licensed. The states of AZ requires a motorcycle endorsement to your driver’s license. We further encourage all riders to take the Motorcycle Safety Foundation riders course.

Third, we will promote a positive image of scooters in our communities. To do this, we will participate in local events, such as parades, that will allow the public to see us in a positive light. We will also consider community projects as they arise.

The Sky Island Riders are a loosely organized group of scooter enthusiasts. We have no dues and no officers. We are not associated with any one type, make or model of scooter or group of scooters.  All riders of two-wheeled vehicles are welcome.

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