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  • Kent C. Switzer:

    Greetings Tucsonians,

    Relocating back to Arizona in afew months. Seeking like minded friendly scooter riders to join once we’re in Tucson. Be safe everyone.

    Kent Switzer

  • Hi, while it’s not exactly next door to you, we are having a rally Aug 4th – 6th. We’d love you to join us:

    Firkins SC Tacoma WA

  • Mike Loomis:

    Great site with great rides. A friend of mine just moved from Houston to Vail and loves it out there. Ya’ll be careful and have loads of fun. I really enjoy reading about the rides you take. Keep up the good work. M. Loomis Friendswood Texas

  • alex carlton:

    i have visited this site many times before i figured i should at least let someone
    know that i enjoy reading about ride maps and events for me a nnice addition would be a review of the different types of gear for riding and the better places to purchase them yes we all know online is the cheapest place but not the best place to purchase a helmet since you dont know how it will fit until you get it
    just something i think would be good

  • Thanks for joining the group. We have a number of people who are extremely knowledgeable about all varieties of scooter. Unfortunately most of our activity has now move to our Facebook page. If you want input from several different people, that will be where you find it. Feel free to email me privately for additional questions.
    Do you have an idea of what kind of scooter you want to buy? What kind of budget do you have?


  • Practicing is a very good idea. Get as many miles in as you can. You might also want to check out one of the videos that is all about group riding. I hope to meet you both, soon. There are some great people in this group. I think you’ll love it. BTW, you’ll find that the vast majority of our activity is now on Facebook. If you have an account, look us up.


  • vcmarizona:

    Hi! My friends in high school refurbished Vintage Vespas and I always wanted one, but my father prohibited me from owning one. Now 20 some years later I still have the itch, but wanted some guidance in purchasing a used scooter. My thought is I do not want to invest a huge amount of money in case this is just a passing fancy. If I really become an enthusiast, then I would consider trading up. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

  • Dee:

    My sister and I just skooters yesterday they were delivered today. We wanted to go on the ride with everyone on Saturday but, we need a little more practice before we take them on the road so sorry we missed it this time we’ll make it next month. Have fun and be safe.

  • Lou, I sent you an email. Welcome to the Sky Island Riders website. There is a lot of useful information here. Enjoy!


  • Lou Kelley:

    Just found your web site tonight and would like to know how to contact the Green Valley club since I am in the Sahuarita area for another two months. We are full time
    rvers and I carry a JonwayYY250T on the rear of our motor home.
    Also would like to be able to contact the Tucson club.
    Thanks, Lou

  • desertcritter:

    Thanks to Howard, Warren and John for making our Cottonwood ride so enjoyable. A special shoutout to Howard for drying out our scoots after an overnight rain and also for lending me gloves and hand warmers on a very cold day in the high elevation country. It was a very fun adventure despite the cold and wet weather that couldn’t dampen our spirits.

  • Hi, Jack. Thanks for the post. I usually post an event on the calendar as soon as I know when it’s going to be, but long before the details are hashed out. Once I’ve figured them out, it is my intention to put them on there, but since I post all the fine details on the Facebook page and the yahoo group and sometimes I forget to go back and add them back to the calendar. I will endeavor to more diligent about this. Thanks for the wake-up call.

  • Jack:

    It would be great if the calendar stuff included time and place where everyone is to meet for these group rides. For example, Aug. 31 Blue Moon ride…where are you meeting and what time?

  • Larry Kaja:

    Howard .. Please see the PM I sent you regarding my Malossi 166 problem. I have NO idea how to modify the piston rings as Sean suggested. Thank You !!

  • Actually, Sharon, I recently posted that very same video on our club’s facebook page. great looking product.


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