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  • I have a safety feature video that I thought you might like to view and pass along to your group.
    If there are any special designs your group would like to have that is reflective let me know.
    I hope you enjoy the video

    Ride Safe

    Sharon in Denver co.

  • cathy nault:

    hello howard,

    cathy nault here.

    wanted to let your group know that Kenny passed away yesterday morning. will have a celebration of his life at our daughter’s house this saturday, 4/21, 2 PM, 8232 e placita almeria (just west of camino loma alta and old spanish trail). all are invited.

    am selling his Honda Reflex scooter $2K if you know anyone who might be interested.

  • cathy nault:

    hello howard,

    cathy nault here.

    wanted to let your group know that Kenny passed away yesterday morning. will have a celebration of his life at our daughter’s house this saturday, 4/21, 2 PM, 8232 e placita almeria (just west of camino loma alta and old spanish trail). all are invited.

    am selling his Honda Reflex scooter $2K if you know anyone who might be interested.

  • Katie:

    Melanie put a link on her blog – had to come take a look – wonderful site here. I don’t ride a scooter, but I am an avid ATV rider and heading out to Chivo falls in the Reddington Pass area north of Tucson today. Continued success to your scooter club.

  • Great to here from you! Congrats on the Reflex. It should be a great scooter for you. I’ll give you a call soon for a ride.

  • Hello Howard. Down to a very mild chemo and also just bought a Honda Reflex. I’m available for morning rides every day except tues. My cell is 390-0510 or reach me by the email.

  • Mark:

    Hi Howard,

    Nice site! I’m a longtime scooter rider in Tucson and own a 2009 Genuine Stella that often has electrical problems. I’m looking for a reliable independent mechanic to help me out, as I’m not much of a gearhead and I’m often frustrated by the one local shop that services Stellas. Could you recommend someone?

    Thanks so much for your time!


  • Greetings from Star Vespa!

    Star Vespa – Highline Classic Vespa&Lambretta Scooters

  • We do not have stickers, yet. That is something we may have soon, though. We would love to see photos of your scooters, though. Please send some.

  • richard:

    I’m scooterist in Toulouse (France) and I organise every month a scooterist night and i like to show to the others scooterists the scooterist scene all over the world! We have made stickers and i like to know if you have stickers to exchange with us!
    Thanks a lot

  • newzonian:

    hey guys awsome posts great scenery

  • Love what you’ve done and best of luck next weekend with the Rally…
    I’d like to invite The Sky Island Riders and anyone else who happens upon this guest book to join the High Desert Scooterist Forum…
    Scooter Enthusiast Unite…

  • Ron & gerry, I sent you an email.


  • we would like to know more about the scooler club in tucson. we have a scooler and like to ride it.thank you

  • Howard,

    Thanks for your comment on the Tucson Murals Project blog. The Home Style Galleries mural ( is a favorite of mine, too. From your comment, I found Sky Island Riders. Great blog! I don’t own a scooter, but now I think I might want to…

    A lot of the rides you’ve posted would be good on other kinds of wheels. Partly because of that, I’ve added a link to your blog from the Outdoors section of the “Things I Like To Do” section of my Tucson web page, .

    Jerry Peek

  • Taylor Meyer:

    Ashley called and said you hurt yourself. I saw that you indeed did hurt yourself. Glad it was not too bad. Let me guess…. a little sand and a curve or turn maybe? I did that on a Honda Express. Anyway I don’t think I have to worry about you not getting back on the scooter. But you can tell Ashley you are afraid that you’ll never ride again and you’re having nightmares. That would be funny. See if she freaks out.

    Anyway… Can’t wait to meet you next month. I’ll be there on the 5th. Sorry I can’t bring Suzi. B. But I should get there to ride this summer. Catch you later and stay vertical. TAYLOR

  • Thanks for dropping by Taylor. If you look through the “Riding SoAZ” posts and see someplace you like, let me know. When you get our here, we’ll take a ride.

    If pimping your ride is what you like, I know just the people for you to meet. If done quite few mods to my Buddy. I’m sure we can hook you up.

    It’s been a pleasure getting to know Ashley a bit. She seems to be fitting in pretty well.
    I don’t know if I’ll do the boogey thing, but I’ll make sure I get some teasing in, then I’ll blame it on you. lol.

    Take care man. I moved here from the Kansas City area, so I know where you’re coming from. Check out this buy’s blog, though:

    I think he’s in Wichita. But he rides quite a bit around KS. May give you some ideas til you get out to AZ.


  • Taylor Meyer:

    Hey Howard,

    Nice site. I guess you work with my wife Ashley. She called and told me I needed to check you out. I was wondering why she asked about Suzi B. Anyway, I can’t wait to get out to Tucson and get some real riding in. I don’t have anyone here to ride with in topeka. Besides I really can’t stand Kansas. There’s nothing here for scoots anyway. Want to find people who have knowledge on pimpin the ride.

    Anyway, I’m not around to joke with my wife so give her a little teasing now and then. This is my fav… Tell her that she has a boogie in her nose and point to it. She will mess with her nose a bit. Then just say… Everyone has boogies in their nose. Don’t ya know that? She falls for it every time.

    Can’t wait to meet you.

  • Thank you for your interest about coming out for our rally. Unfortunately, there is no one in Tucson at the moment renting scooters. A couple of things you could try:
    1, Post you need for scoots on our website, in the forum section. Several of our riders have more than one scoot and would probably be okay with a loan.
    2. Post your need on our Facebook page, same thing.
    3. Check with GGR Scooter club, here in town. ( ) ( They may also have someone willing to loan out a scoot or two. The club president is John Sokolowski.
    4. Scoot Over ( ) has toyed with the idea of renting scooters. They may be willing to do a one time deal for y’all, so you might try checking with them as well.

    Hope that helps.


  • hey howard having much trouble getting in contect with you trying to find out if you know some one who rents scooters want to come for your mayday ride can you help? from diana (chicago) please repond (773) 732-4886

  • Dutch Junge:

    I’ve got friends that moved from Ohio to St Davids a few years ago. Just thought I’d see what the terrain around them was like. The first picture they sent me was a huge rattlesnake stretched across their road.

  • Howard, I have lived here since 1951 and riden motorcycles all over this and the surrounding states. You have totally impressed me with your pictures and descriptions of our state. My scooter will be back up and running in 5 more days. Hope to see you out there. thank you again for the way you did all these segments of Arizona.

  • John, I’ve found the most common mistake made here is that there are 2 completely SEPARATE registrations. One on the home page and another, completely separate one on the forum/BB area. Did you register again when you tried the forum?


    p.s. – You only need to register if you want to leave posts. You can lurk around all you want. Our next currently scheduled ride is on the calendar.

  • John Gilman:

    I recently purchased a piaggio MP3 and though it might be nice to try a group ride. Tried to subscribe but forgot email and while they send a new link, that link keeps asking me to log in which I can’t do without the password! Help so I can more fully access the site. John Gilman

  • Howard:

    Place your comments here!

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