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Scooter down! Scooter down!

New postPosted: Fri Aug 19, 2011 2:52 pm
by Howard
My Stella was known around here for being the most reliable Stella ever, until 2 days ago. 2 friends and I were making a beautiful ride in the country, when I felt Stella suddenly lose power, thinking I was out of gas, I flipped over to reserve - no help.

The then engine seized, I pulled the clutch and coasted to a stop. Even though we hadn't been riding too long since our lunch break, we thought it may be a "soft seize." Couldn't budge the kick start and couldn't roll the bike with it in gear.

I called back to Tucson to have my son bring my van out to retrieve me.

Long story short, we got back to the club garage, pulled the head and discovered that my crank bearings failed. My piston is shot. Looks like time for a new top end. 12,226 miles on my Stella.

Beautiful scenery to ride through

We had lunch in Patagonia, AZ at theHome Plate cafe'

That's my Stella on the left, after she seized along Scenic Route 83

My buggered piston