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Zin Burger

New postby Howard » Wed Jul 13, 2011 9:56 pm

Friends had recommended Zinburger so my wife and I gave it a try. We won't be back. It's in a good location, but plarking is terrible. Upon entering it is too bright, too loud and too small.

Service, though, was very good. drank 3 or 4 half-glasses of soda, because the server kept zipping by and snatching the half-empty glasses away from me. The hostess was also very nice.

Our appetizer, zucchini fries were the best I've ever had. I've heard that their fries are also very good, however, all the fries and stuff are enough for two.

We both got the basic burger. It was $10 and was average at best. The taste was drab and needed whatever condoments you care to put on it. I like a patty that could stand on it's own, flavor-wise. I couldn't tell if they even put salt and pepper in the patties.

I consider Zinburger to be very highly over rated. There are better burgers in Tucson. Personally, I think Lindy's is much better.

Just my opinion

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