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Post Rally Wrap Up

New postPosted: Sun May 13, 2012 12:03 am
by Howard
We're having a meet up to discuss this year's rally. What worked? What didn't? What to keep for next year? What should we consider changing? If you have an opinion about the rally, you are welcome to attend. If you can't make it, please send me an email with your feelings about the rally and i will make sure it gets discussed.
Where? Boca Taco Shop
Speedway and Euclid.
When? Wednesday 5/16 at 6:30pm

Re: Post Rally Wrap Up

New postPosted: Thu May 17, 2012 4:54 am
by Howard
Here's the gist of tonight's post-rally wrap up:
1. Depending on your perspective, the rally was a success
a. Everyone who gave me their opinion about the rally, loved it = Success
b. We gave $742 to Ben's Bells, an increase of about 35% over last year = Success
c. Financially, the rally did not lose money = Success
d. 64 businesses, almost all local, contributed something for our rally = Success

2. Between 35 and 40 people attended at least part of this year's rally. That is consistent with our 2 previous years. We were hoping for a bit of an increase, but still pretty good for a 3rd effort.

3. Friday - Registration and the general Meet & Greet went smoothly at Scoot Over. A number of people were confused on the dinner arrangements (or lack thereof) at Broadway Pizza Cafe and had not had dinner come time for the dessert ride. We will be looking at solutions for that. However, we want to keep the agenda pretty much as is. That is, early ride, followed by meet & greet followed by night ride, followed by dessert. Venues and routes may change but the schedule will look about the same next year.

4. Saturday - The poker run was very well received, so we are likely going to keep that next year. i heard a number of good comments about LaVerna's, so, depending on our poker run route, will may keep that. We will probably allot a bit more time for the poker run.
As long as we have a gymkhana, we will probably have to keep our current venue at Grace Community Church. There was some discussion about dropping the gymkhana in order to allow us to look at other venues.
Our time at Ride Now was well received, but our relationship with them is not real solid, so we don't know what will happen next year. Their staff did seem to enjoy having us there.
All who went to BedRoxx Saturday evening had a great time. We like the idea of bowling at some point for next year, but BedRoxx was kind of pricey, so other options may be explored.
Would like to look at the GGR club help us by assisting us with the Saturday night event. Perhaps something with music, band, dancing. That kind of stuff. This is not something I am good at.

5. Sunday - We foresee no significant change in this. As previous, the venues may change, but expect to see breakfast, ride up Mt Lemmon en masses, ride down individually, meet-up and possible final ride.

6. Ben's Bells - We discussed whether or not we should assist other local charities was discussed. The general feeling was that keeping the same charity more or permanently may be the best idea. It would allow us to build a solid relationship with another community organization.
NOTE - Look for an upcoming social meet-up where we go to Ben's Bells' studio and assist them as a group.

7. We would, again, like to thank all the participants and sponsors of this year's rally. The sponsor list will stay on the rally tab until we begin preparing for next year. Please look it over from time to time and patronize our sponsors.

8. I will look at putting together a way to poll them SIR's and see what we like best and least from this year's rally. Be on the look out.